To make our church the friendliest church in the Valley and make certain everyone and especially first-time visitors are greeted and made to feel welcome.

General Information

Contact: 9 AM: Gary and Sharon Holmes
11 AM: Betti Gieser

Phone: Gary & Sharon: 509-924- 4959
Betti: 509-981-3350

Email: G&S Holmes or Betti



Greeters extend a warm smile and a gracious welcome to all who enter the church. It is especially important to recognize visitors and offer them a Visitors pamphlet. If they have children, offer the supplies to keep them occupied during the service and inform them of available Sunday School and Nursery services. The greeters also offer to show where the children will be during the service.

Greeters have a wonderful opportunity to see and greet every single person at church on Sunday morning.


This is a commitment of one Sunday per month and possibly during a special evening service if available. Greeters need to be there at least 30 minutes before the service. If not able to serve as scheduled, you would need to call the scheduler early enough to allow sufficient time to find a replacement.