Youth Ministries




The “29th Anniversary” of our Annual Camping Auction” was a wonderful event for all of us here at SVUMC!  Thank You to everyone who came out to support this annual event on March 7th.  Because of you, many children and Youth will be able to go to Camp Twinlow!  Thanks to the Youth from SVUMC and Liberty Park UMC for their work during the Auction.  Special thanks to Roberta Headley, Nancy Larson and Jenny Tinsely for coordinating the auction and for Madelyn Bafus for preparing the meal – Wonderful Women!

Things that were scheduled are listed below.  If we are able to go forth with the life of the church in the next few weeks, please use the schedule below for activities.  If we need to cancel several events, there is always another day in our future to carry out our plans.

Be aware of the reasons you are not in school and why this has come to be.  The Coronavirus is a situation that we will survive and become stronger because of it.  You should take this time to be with your family and close circle of friends to enjoy and respect each other.  Ask your parents what YOU can do to help them.  You will be surprised what a joy it is to help out wherever needed.

Know that you are in my prayers and thoughts every single day.  Craig and I miss not being with you.  Let us know how you are by dropping us a note through Facebook or Email.  Looking forward to seeing you soon . . . praying for you . . .

ALL DATES AND ACTIVITIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME                                                                                                                  

Remember that there are always Youth Registration Forms and schedules of upcoming activities in the holder right across from Kyra’s office.  See YOU soon!