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Come Join a Small Group at Spokane Valley United Methodist Church!

Small Groups provide an opportunity for believers, seekers and the curious to meet in fellowship, worship and study as they deepen their understanding of God’s Word.  The teachings of Jesus Christ come to life in conversation with others.  Faith becomes more vibrant while the spiritual journey becomes one of growth and depth.

Small Groups at Valley Methodist are of various sizes, but about 12 seems to be the ideal maximum.  That size allows all to participate and form a cohesive group.  Small Groups are welcoming.  From time to time members may leave and new people join the group.



The aim is to develop a dynamic culture of openness while creating the closeness of family.   Small Groups provide fellowship that can deepen into friendships while providing a place where members may share in confidence and receive loving support in time of need.   Members prayerfully seek and find love and compassion in a setting in which one can learn more of the Gospel. Faith is deepened and participants become a joyful part of the Family of God. 

Small Groups can also hold one another accountable in their Christian Journey, and provide in-depth study and deeper understanding of the Bible.   Small Groups seek to build a solid faith. They work to bring a feeling of community into the faith family. The fellowship aspect of Small Groups is an essential part of growing the Family of God. Small Groups seek to help those who are involved to foster compassionate understanding of others. Small Groups honor the various ways that God works through people. Time is allowed so that God has the time and opportunity to work within participants, individually and collectively. Small Groups foster a family atmosphere where love and respect are the cornerstones. The Small Group ministry realizes that listening can be more important than talking and silence is valued. Study is encouraged, discussion is welcome, openness supported by love, compassion and grace are essential.

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