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Hello, thanks for visiting our site today  . . . I’m Mike Graef, pastor of Spokane Valley United Methodist Church.

As you can see from this picture, I have a lot of fun being a pastor.   I love God, love people, and am passionate about connecting people with God in their daily lives.  One hour spent with God’s people in Sunday morning worship can be a tremendous help to us.  We can see Christ’s light on our path in a deeper way through the days of each week just by showing up at church!

It’s my privilege to be the preacher most Sundays at Spokane Valley United Methodist; to call on the sick in hospitals, equip the lay leaders of our church for ministry, and help keep our church’s administration running smoothly.  Pastor ministries energize the congregation as a whole.  We’re sent by God into our community and world; lifting spirits, ministering justice and hope, feeding bodies and souls.  The pastor’s job is to focus our attention on how we can be more connected to life-giving missions, close to home and far away.




This may surprise you: after living a mostly sedentary work life and neglecting my body for many years, I’ve finally become an athlete.  Buoy course water-skiing, downhill snow skiing, strength training and running are my sports. My goals are personal health, more energy in life, and perhaps setting an example for others.  Not really very good at any of these sports but they’re fun and very challenging, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

If you’re seeking answers to questions about faith and church in your life, drop by and try out a message or two.  My prayer is that you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Body of Christ at Spokane Valley UMC.  And hey, I’d love to meet you!

Mike Graef

Pastor Mike Graef

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