Sunday Lunch Program at St. Ann's Catholic Church


SVUMC is one of 9 churches and groups dedicated to providing a free Sunday meal to the homeless and underserved population of Spokane. In addition to meals and fellowship, we take this opportunity to share the love of Christ, through word and example.

General Information

Contact: Madelyn Bafus
Phone: Madelyn: 869-8213
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Currently, 9 groups provide support to this program. Once every 9th Sunday, we provide a meal for between 60 and 100 people, depending on where that Sunday falls in the month. Some food products are purchased in advance by the program from the food bank and are stored at St. Ann’s Catholic Church. We are known for our Tuna Noodle Casserole and the regular guests have come to expect it. Our standard meal is the casserole, fresh green salad, bread, fruit, dessert, milk and juice or soda. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holiday meals are assisted with all 9 groups supplying selected food products to the member group assigned to that holiday meal, according to rotation.


The work begins around 10:30AM with the food preparation, serving begins at 1PM and cleanup follows: washing dishes, cups and cooking items, wiping down tables and chairs, as well as sweeping floors. Most days end by 2:30PM.We welcome anyone who would like to help in any or all portions of the meal. Each meal provided can cost up to $100 in products, depending on the pantry supply at St. Ann’s. Our church budget provides minimal financial support to help the program cover paper products, food bank purchases, utilities and rent to St. Ann’s for the facility and equipment use. The church budget allows for financial support to purchase products not found on site. Donations from church members are always welcome. Date and times vary, please call.